Left Unity Consultation and Social Event, Sat 29th Jan, Semaphore Workers Club

Please come, one and all, to the Left Unity Consultation and Social Event on the last Saturday in January – the 29th, 1pm, at the Semaphore Workers Club, 93 The Esplanade, Semaphore.

Left Unity is an exciting new development in which several left groups have formed a network for joint action, statements, policy formation, and mutual support…. the first of its kind for some time!

Participating groups include: The Anticapitalist Forum, The Communist Party of Australia, Socialist Alliance, Organize!, and The Ecosocialist Convergence.

Many other unaffiliated individuals are also involved.

We have been meeting for about 6 months, our concrete actions thus far being:

  • Support for the Ark Tribe campain,
  • Politics in the Pub on OH&S and Ark’s case,
  • Statements on the Inverbrackie refugee issue and a (leafleting) presence at local meetings on the issue,
  • Participation in the Lilydale Caged Workers campaign and picket/rally,
  • Playing a key role in initiating and building the Stop the Budget Cuts rallies here in response to the latest neoliberal Rann-Foley budget
  • Statements and Facebook pages on the extent and impact of these cuts

– more actions and projects are planned, and possible, now we are all working as a networked force!

We would like to let you know more about what we have done so far, what we imagine for the future, and to hear from you about what we need to do – hopefully with your active support and participation..!:) We also think it’s an opportune moment for the Left in this city to gather and mingle – a new formation such as this rides on the back of its personal relationships….

To that end, we have an interesting afternoon planned :-

  • an intro to the Left Unity project, and its possibilities
  • some exploration of the advantages and functions of such a Unity network
  • hearing from yourselves about what you think of the project, and finding out what areas you feel such a new formation should prioritize – we want direction from the social movements and community on this! (Hence the  Consultation bit…)
  • we’d also like to find out about your area of campaign/political/industrial work, if any, and create a chance for you to possibly meet new faces involved in the same areas.

All of the above to last a couple of hours max (with a break!), and, the “hard work” done, we’ll then treat ourselves with another few hours of a BBQ overlooking the sea, drinks, and to end it all, an hour of live musical entertainment from local artists.

Please come along to what we are sure will be an stimulating, enjoyable, and important occasion in building the progressive and left movements in Adelaide:

1pm, Saturday 29th January, Semaphore Workers Club.


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